"Lisa's transactional approach allowed me to delve into some of the important relationships that have shaped my life past and present" 
When I started therapy with Lisa I was in the middle of a nasty episode of depression and couldn't see a better way of thinking or feeling about things. Lisa's transactional approach allowed me to delve into some of the important relationships that have shaped my life past and present. She is a very compassionate person and a good listener, which makes all the difference when you are at a point of intense personal suffering. Given that this was my first time in extensive therapy, I didn't know what to expect from the process at first. So, for any people who are new to therapy I would caution them against viewing the process as a cure all for their problems. Rather it is a tool that you can use proactively to reach a point of empowerment where you have the confidence to deal with life head on and there is no set way to go about doing it. Indeed you may find that some aspects of the process work less well for you and some better as was the case for me. The important thing is to open oneself up to the possibility of change and I am thankful to Lisa for helping me do that. 
"sessions were powerful and successfuI I am achieving far more than I believed I could" 
Id like to send my heartfelt thanks to Lisa. This year I was in a positive situation with a comfortable life but events were causing me to analyse things which clouded my judgement and caused me stress. Lisa helped me explore my issues and helped me understand the rationale behind them and showed me how life experiences can set incorrect patterns and beliefs. Lisa guided me, showing me how to rewrite and update these old patterns. The sessions were very powerful and successful and now I am achieving far more than I believed i could and looking forward to a very happy future. 
"I Found it strangely easy to confide in her" 
I will always be grateful i mustered the courage to call Lisa. I found it strangely easty to confide in her and talk about things ive kept bottled up for years. Over the course of just a few weeks she was able to help me understand myself better and make sense of my behaviours that troubled me. She is a calm and encouraging influence and has made a tangible difference to my health and my happiness. 
"I cannot thank her enough for the help she has given me". 
"Through my sessions, Lisa has has helped me to alter my perspective on a variety of issues I was struggling to cope with by myself. Her patient and disarming approach, whilst challenging me with the right questions has given me the tools to overcome problems I previously couldn't. I cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given me." 
"Im a much happier and stronger person". 
Lisa’s calm and patient manner was evident from my first session with her, which instantly made me feel that I was able to talk openly and honestly about my issues. Her constant guidance and support has helped to equip me with the necessary skills I need to successfully tackle situations that I was once unable to face. I am a much happier and stronger person and it is thanks to my sessions with Lisa that I now feel this way. I am so grateful for all her help. 
"would thoroughly recommend Lisa" 
I was very nervous about seeking out a counsellor but would thoroughly recommend Lisa. She made the process very easy, is wonderful to speak to and I can't thank her enough for helping me. 
I am starting to see noticeable changes in my thinking...." 
I have found my sessions with Lisa to be hugely beneficial to my recovery and development. With her help I am now starting to to see noticeable changes in my thinking and my overall approach to life. I now have skills and tools to deal with situations that before I would have found difficult to deal with. I'm very grateful for her professional and caring manner and for her support. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lisa to others. 
To discuss how counselling might be right for you, call me now on 07734 305 290 
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